Saturday, June 15, 2013 offers donations to the Sons of Confederate Veterans

If you go to you will see that offers a donation of 30% of fees for upgrades and services subscribed to the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV). Now I don't know that there are many members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans would actually want these services.

If you go to the link you will see the following purpose of the SCV:
Your purchase through this site helps Sons of Confederate Veterans preserve the history and legacy of the heroes who fought for the Confederacy so that future generations can understand the motives that animated the Southern Cause.
The SCV calls gays "sodomites." The following is a section from a forth coming dossier on the SCV.

Though it is unlikely that will ever actually give any donation to the SCV, their offer legitimizes the SCV.


SCV chaplains in the SCV Chaplain Corps used the terms sodomites and sodomy in referring to and condemning gays. H. Rondel Rumburg, past Chaplain-in-Chief of the SCV, in the March 2007 issue of the Chaplain’s Corps Chronicles of the Sons of Confederate Veterans condemns those who would support historical apologies by the State of Virginia for past wrongs stating that “these same people need to confess their own offenses to God and to the people they have mislead,” among the  things Rumburg considers offenses, is that of being, “guilty of protecting sodomites, thus spreading AIDS.”[i] In another article in Sept. 2009 issue of the Chaplain’s Corp Chronicles Rumburg laments that after the Civil War “Deconstructionists” worked to bring humanism to the South which he claims has had disastrous results, among other things such as “an enthroning of sodomy as a preferred lifestyle.”[ii]

Former Chaplain-in-Chief Alister C. Anderson gave the Invocation delivered at the Confederate Evangelistic Sesquicentennial Service on February 25, 2012 which was reprinted in the April 2012 issue of the Chaplain’s Corp Chronicles in which he asserts about “Southern ancestors” that they “manly men who preached about ‘tough love’ and who would not condone the ministry and preaching of non-Biblical, cheesy, whinny, quiche-eating, effete, effeminate pastors who were afraid of their own shadow,” which presumably is a criticism of contemporary pastors.

Further Anderson worries, “O Lord Jesus Christ, could the radical, despotic, contempt for women, Jihadist Muslim critique of our supposedly Judeo-Christian civilization be true?,” and “O Lord, are we a narcissistic, selfish, self-centered, spectator-oriented, voyeuristic pornographic culture that is possessed with the desire for elicit [sic] sexual activity, fornication, and sodomy?”[iii]

In the Sept./Oct. 2009 Confederate Veteran Chaplain-in-Chief Cecil A. Fayard, Jr., in the Chaplain’s Comments section asserts that America is in trouble.  Fayard says is that America has become immoral, "We have sown immorality," he writes and "We live in a very loose society, a wicked nation morally. All types of unspeakable and deplorable acts are being committed by deviant men and women." Fayard also states as a sign that America is in trouble that “One school curriculum in America teaches acceptance of homosexuality in the first grade…”[iv]

The SCV is an organization that is entirely hostile to any rights to gays and Lesbians and if they could somehow implement their moral vision on the United States would entirely crush these communities.

[i] Rumburg, R.H., “Scapegoating the South: Apologizing: The Result of Scapegoating,” Chaplain’s Corp Chronicles of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, March 2007, pages 4-8, quote on page 6, printed out 6/8/2013.
[ii] Rumburg, R.H., “Are We Adrift?,” Chaplain’s Corp Chronicles of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, Sept. 2009, unpaginated, pages 10-13, quote on page 12,  printed out 6/8/2013.
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[iv] Fayard, Cecil A. Jr., “Chaplain’s Comments: America Is In Trouble, Part I,” Confederate Veteran, Vol. 67 No.5, Sept./Oct. 2009, pages 12-13, 45, quote on page 13. 
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