Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Joe.My.God. and a flag we don't need, the Confederate gay flag

A blogger in the gay community known as Joe.My.God. had a video posted in which the video ends with a Confederate gay flag. I tracked down the website and the theme is that this person is a deep South liberal so he has a gay Confederate flag, or Confederate gay flag. It is a mix of the gay rainbow flag and the Confederate battle flag.

What is really ridiculous is that the flag has an equal sign at the center of the stars on the flag. The Confederacy isn't about equality, the Confederacy was about maintaining inequality. You can read some of the material at which documents this.

The video and the posting is at this URL:

Watch it to the end. Then visit the website of the producer at

So I emailed Joe.My.God and pointed out that a gay Confederate flag tends to confirm the worst stereotypes of a white gay movement. At first Joe.My.God claimed that he didn't know who Ashton Elijah was and then with a follow up email he realized what he had posted. However, he didn't seem to care, and his emails are full of profanity. He doesn't seem to have any argument other than to curse.

Kevin Levine, a Civil War blogger, one time had a Confederate gay flag but decided to remove it after I had a discussion with him at his website.

You can read this discussion here:

I will repost my comments here:

"The design of the gay flag is to represent the diversity of the gay community which comes from all the different facets of society, different religions, different classes, occupations, geographic origins, communities, and last and not least different races.

There is an on going concern in the gay community that there not be exclusion and that there be inclusion.

Finally, the gay community isn’t entirely in urban areas, but it does have urban communities and focal points in urban environments. In these urban environments the gay community shares cities with minority communities if not always adjancent, which frequently is the case. It is desired to have relationships of commity with other communities whose membership overlap with the gay community.

To superimpose a confederate battleflag design element over the flag is an affront to the very idea of the gay flag as a symbol of a multiracial community and a potential for antagonism with other groups.

I am not an official spokesperson for the gay community or any organization, I don’t think anyone is. However, I think my opinion as a gay person is fairly representative of the great majority of gay people who would find this Confederate gay flag offensive and injurious to the gay community by promoting division within it and potentially antagonistic to other communities. "

However, Joe.My.God. doesn't care at all about this. However, is he racist, perhaps in a banal way in that when he saw a Confederate gay flag he just didn't care. It seems however, that he is just a belligerent hot head that can't take any criticism either.

There are a lot of good LGBT blogs out there. Don't read his.
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