Tuesday, January 24, 2012

League of the South Homophobia, Update

The League of the South http://www.dixienet.org/ is somewhat washed up, but this recent posting of theirs is a fairly typical example of their homophobia and of the neo-Confederate movement in general.


The special interest here is that the Southern Poverty Law Center, which is an anti-racist organization, is being picketed by African American professors, which is why the blogger "loves it."

You might point this blog out to gay friends who are into the Lost Cause, but you will just get an excuse that the League of the South is misusing the Confederacy or some other rationalization. What would be more useful is to let other gays who are not into the Lost Cause know about the neo-Confederate movement so they don't give Lost Cause attitudes a free pass.


League of the South has had a rather juvenile response at thier blog in response to this posting. It is at this link:


Any other online items that might be relevant will be added following here.
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