Saturday, May 21, 2011

New Blog on Homophobia and Neo-Confederacy

The LGBT community doesn't realize how often leading homophobes have involvement in neo-Confederacy and neo-Confederates are involved with anti-LGBT movements.

So I have decided to start this blog to let the LGBT community know about this. In the past I have from time to time helped out individuals discredit homophobes by showing their involvement in neo-Confederacy. Nothing says lunacy to the public like neo-Confederacy.

For instance I supplied information to bloggers that resulted in this story.

The gay community doesn't know that Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell interviewed with the Southern Partisan. Or that Phil Gramm and Dick Army did also. The actively anti-gay American Family Association had a leader interview in the Southern Partisan also.

Often when some homophobe is in the news the LGBT community doesn't realize that he is a neo-Confederate.

So I want to start supplying information at this blog. The information should be valuable to the LGBT community and also let people know that there is someone with this information.

To start with I would like to refer the LGBT community to an article at this link on the Confederate Christian nationalists. It turns out that the Christian Reconstructionists are largely neo-Confederate and a large segment of the neo-Confederate movement is Christian Reconstructionist. For those who are unfamiliar with the term Christian Reconstructionists, it is the people who want to transphorm society into biblical republics, that is theocratic states where their idea of Christianity is the law.

The article was published at the University of Toronto Press in the Canadian Review of American Studies. I have also provided the article on the side bar in the links section.

I will be providing more information.

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